Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My girls.

I pray for their relationship every day.  
I pray that they will grow up and be best friends.  
I know that there will be lots of fights.  
Lots of shared clothing and stolen clothing. 
 Lots of attention that isn't shared on purpose, but attention that someone robs from someone else.  
I worry that maybe I won't believe the child who's telling the actual truth.  
I worry that the girls will do more damage to each other than I can prevent or...

I worry.  Clearly, I worry a lot.
The girls seem just fine.
The lipstick queen and the happy go lucky baby.
I pray they will be friends.
I pray each and every day that they will be like us.
My sisters.
My best friends.
The people I call or text or chat with more than anyone else.
I don't really have friends.
I have sisters.
They can't quit me.
And I can't quit them.

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