Sunday, February 15, 2015


This year before school started Hayes wanted to be in the crazy crab class.  He had no desire to be anything but a crazy crab.  No puppies, no turtles, just crabs.  

Fast forward to the first weekend we took home Scruffy and I knew why he was in that class.  He has fabulous teachers who are energetic and who help to deal with his energy.  He has a class with a great balance of girls and boys and he loves his peers.  He spends a lot of time talking about the classmates he has and a lot of time loving on them as well.  He's a story telling kinda kid and I'm pretty sure he gets that from his genetic makeup on both sides.  I'm confident that he's a Percy in training.  He's a talker, that's for sure, but only after you get him rolling.  
He was beyond thrilled to bring this puppy home.  He literally talked about him for weeks before it was his turn.  We have been lucky enough to have TWO turns this year with Scruffy the puppy.  He's the class pet in the Puppy Class, and he's Hayes favorite pet ever.  He's the only pet that we are going to have or entertain for at least 6 more years.  Y'all think I'm playing, but I'm not.  Nothing else that's alive unless I get to carry it in my uterus.  And no, I'm not pregnant... but I do not want an animal or anything else I have to potty train or feed or clean up after or wash up.  Until all my people can wash themselves, wipe their own butt, load their dishes and fix their own breakfast... we will get no animals.  None.

So, we will take time with this fluffy stuffed puppy when he comes along.  

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