Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Freezing for Football

In light of the blustery weather outside, I thought I would throw it back to one of my favorite nights this year.  We have spent most Friday nights since 2006 at the high school.  Some of those nights have been spent coaching and some of them have been spent with my littles on the sidelines.  This past season was one of my favorites since I got to embrace the littles and not coach.  Deciding not to coach was bittersweet for me.  I love the girls, but I love my littles as well.  I had to choose between the two, for the sake of time and my sanity.  It was unbelieveably difficult to walk away from those young ladies and I have missed them tremendously.  

This one especially.
Love her.
But being a mom and aunt has its perks too...
Sweet lord at the crazies...
and it is beautiful to see these two things merge...
Seeing the girls love my littles is precious beyond description.

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