Monday, May 11, 2015

Big Kid

We were able to tour a local elementary school with Hayes and his Puppy friends this spring.  I was so thankful to be able to take part of the day off and spend some time with my big kid before summer gets too crazy.  He was SO excited to go on a field trip and see the 'BIG SCHOOL' in all it's glory...

We arrived and we were on time.  Write it down y'all.

We grabbed some pictures on the steps while we waited for the rest of the crew to arrive.  Chase and Hayes reallly love each other and I'm so thankful for that sweet boy's friendship.  Hayes is really going to miss him in the fall!  Hayes was most excited to sit in the media center and listen to the story.  He was thrilled to experience the gym and the chaos of P.E. as well.  They were playing some crazy game with the balls and the rolling carts.  Crab soccer maybe?  It looked like managed chaos and it was really loud.  I don't do loud...
We waited patiently to have lunch after our tour was complete.  Hayes' teachers informed me that if I didn't pack his lunch in the fall he was going to starve at school because he's so picky.  He freaked out because they put a cheese stick on his lunch tray and he didn't want it.  He also only wanted half of the banana.  They gave him the whole thing.  The nerve...  I am concerned about how his eating habits will change in the fall.  He typically eats a snack mid morning and mid afternoon.  I'm concerned that he will be starving by lunch time (which is really early in kindergarten) and then be starving again in the afternoon once he arrives at AHS.   

I am SO sad that this boy is almost finished with his journey at the ELC.  He's such a joy to parent and I have so enjoyed all the wisdom his teachers have poured into him while he's been there.  Thanks for being a part of the village that raises my baby boy!  

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