Saturday, May 9, 2015

Summer To Do Lisit 2015

I figured since I had a year long to do list and I have an entire summer 'off' (more like 6 weeks)... I could make a to-do list for my summer break.

  1. 1.  Work an extra 3 days on unit plans and tests in June with my colleagues.
  2. Travel to North Carolina and see our favorite Marine and his bride.  While in NC, go see some awesome stuff and do some awesome things.
  3. Paint the living room and finish the half bath.
  4. Host a minimum of 10 skin care classes each month.
  5. Figure out how to work exercise into my daily routine so that I can acclimate myself to that once school starts again.
  6. Swim lessons and summer play dates at the pool for all of us!
  7. Spend time on a day date with each child by themselves.
  8. Encourge Hayes to try new foods before kindergarten starts.
  9.   Organize my home office space and clean out my crap/craft room.
  10. Buy a new chair for the living room.

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