Tuesday, December 8, 2015


In case you wanted to know what 15 years of friendship looks like...

2 years in a college dorm.
3 marriages--2 are mine.
4 cities... those are hers....
5 kids--3 for me and 2 for her.
a handful of forgotten messages and a couple of random thoughts.
a few road trips to see concerts and boys that we shouldn't have....
during college... not recently.
And finally, a reunion in NC while traveling.

Funny, God has awesome plans that are so much better than our own.
Shortly after our visit Amber called me and couldn't speak because she was so distraught.
Come to find out, her mom was really sick and she needed to come to GA to be with her immediately.  I offered our home for her and her family as long as they needed it.  She came and stayed with us for a whole week.  I got to cook and entertain the children and help.  It was lovely.  Catching up with an old friend is so much fun.

Sadly, her mother passed away about a week after she left and went back to NC.  I was able to be with her again and enjoy her family along with her dad!  I'm so grateful for a relationship that picks up where it left off, no matter the distance or time or space or life that gets between it.  God was able to use our bizarre reunion for a connection that was needed.  

I love my friends.

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