Wednesday, December 9, 2015

NC: Wolf Lodge

Our last leg of the journey to NC and back consisted of a trip to The Great Wolf Lodge in NC.  We stayed at the Concord/Charlotte location.  It was an awesome experience that I would recommend to any family!  I would recommend that you wait until all children are above the age of 3 for height requirements and restrictions on rides.... but it was STILL FUN!  

We had a few slides that we could all ride.  There were a few obstacles that the children could climb as well.  Spencer enjoyed the floor fountains and the slides that were her size.  
Libby pretty much enjoyed everything.

Hello there.
You are my size.
We can be friends.

I had to beg a stranger to get our picture.
Daryk and I are the only people actually looking at the camera.

This is only 4 hours from home and we are thinking about going again and taking my mother in law.  She can participate with the kids and watch them play.  Everything was zero level entry with no stairs, so she would be able to enjoy it!  

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