Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween 2k16

Spencer was thrilled to be Princess Elena of Avalor and she was even more pumped about that chocolate that Papa was holding... actually fixated would be a good word.

My Ariel was a pleasant fireball.  She was so excited that she ran from house to house as we trick or treated.  
Ant Man.  Did y'all know that Ant Man can be as small as an ant AND as big a building?  He can.  I learned that after Hayes decided he was going to be Ant Man for Halloween.  He's my rock star and I'm so grateful that he's the role model for my girls.  He is fantastic!

Part of the crew... we were still loading a few up on the trailer...
We did a little Halloween Pre-game on Sunday at the Ephesus Baptist Church Fall Festival.
They were really pumped to spend time running around and having a blast.
Spencer, errrrrrr, Princess Elena was super sassy in her ball gown and cranky when told no.  She was not a fan of waiting in line for the jumping things or the games.  Diva.
I call this, Daryk's child in a photo...
Elizabeth taking her imaginary plane ride very seriously.

Wolverine was SO pumped to cross the monkey bars ALL THE WAY on Sunday evening.
He had a few wardrobe changes for Halloween and that's something we are all ok with!

Tell me how your Halloween went?
Did you get lots of goodies to share with your people?

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