Monday, October 5, 2009

Baby Hayes

These are the latest pictures of our baby boy. He's moving lots and lots these days! We had an amazing trip to the dr last week and got to see his face, heart, brain, legs, and lots of other parts! He is quite an active boy in my belly. Friday night I sat in bed and just watched my belly all night long. I laughed at myself because I literally WATCHED my belly move as he moved around. My first baby shower is coming up this Saturday and I can't WAIT! After a lot of consideration and thought Daryk and I finally decided to share his name with the world. Thomas Hayes Cochran will join the world in January (hopefully)! He has a lot to live up to with those names and we have no doubt that our boy will be an amazing human.

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  1. precious pics! love the name! I won't be there on Saturday, but sent my gift with Patsy. Hope you have a GREAT time! :)