Friday, August 10, 2012

Wedding Bells

I got to see this sweet girl get married!
I am SO proud of the amazing young lady that God has grown her into.
She was beautiful and her wedding was so much fun!
I had a blast and I was honored to go.

Courtney was one of my most favorite students ever.  She was always excited about learning and especially exited about taking home a plastic baby.  Yes, plastic baby.  Part of my class requires a weekend with a baby simulator....  Courtney took it home with a smile on her face.  Twice.  She's nuts.  A few years after that she had a sweet girl of her own, Mayson.  And voila!  Now she is married and all grown up.  I tend to forget that my students actually grow up.  In my head they are eternally 'just graduated last year' and never actually moving forward with life.  I know that they do, I just forget how often it actually happens.  I miss having her smile around the building.  I cannot WAIT to see what happens next in her life.  :)

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