Sunday, September 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Triplets

I managed to con Hayes into going to a party for our favorite set of multiples.
The triplets are very dear to me because I love their mommy
We took gymnastics with Char last year, or maybe two years ago...
**gasp** TWO YEARS AGO!?
Well, he went and he hated it.
I should have known better than to try and drag my anti social child to a party with lots of people.
That's what I get for thinking he would like it.
He did, however, like this cupcake.
And he ate the green icing only.
And then he wiped allllllll the icing on his shirt.
And it was a nice shirt, I might add.
Eventually I was able to pry him away from the table with some dinosaur party favors.
At least, I hope they were party favors because he brought them home.
If not, we stole the toys.
Sorry Evan!

Hitler 'stache courtesy of the cupcakes...

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