Tuesday, September 17, 2013

1st Day 2013

Lively Ladybugs 2013
Elizabeth James Cochran
She's such a precious girl!
Her smile and sweet spirit is so contagious!
Also, she's a professional flirt.
She's giving Papa the flirty eyes and trying to be so sneaky...
Fabulous Frogs 2013
Thomas Hayes Cochran
He was too cool to pose for photos.
Or even look at the camera phone.
Or cooperate at all.
So we got this...
No photos Mom.
I'm busy, notice the blur of the toys in the photos...
School is such a blessing for us.
We are able to send our littles to the ELC at FBC Douglasville.
I love the ladies there who take care of us and THEM!
The life lessons they learn from their teachers and their peers are amazing.
I am also very excited that they learn about how God impacts their lives daily.
They learn so much about what God made and how He made the world!
I am just thankful for the people who help us get the babies to school
and those who help care for them while we teach.

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