Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Noodles for dinner?

So, I have one child who doesn't like to eat anything.
He literally doesn't choose to eat much at all.
We have limited solutions for dining out options and meals at home.
Granted, I'm aware that I created that beast because I was afraid he would choke to death.
Kid had no teeth until he was almost 14-15 months old!
So, I created a picky eater who's afraid of textures.
And I know he's my child because I'm also a texture phobic eater....
if such a thing exists...

This girl, well, she's not.
She eats anything and everything we give her.
Occasionally she tells us that she doesn't like it.
But mostly we get this response. 

Recently on facebook, instagram, or twitter I saw the hashtag #rehearsaldinnerpics.
I died laughing and almost snorted.
I'm putting those in that file for this girl.
I love her.

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