Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Disney on Ice

Mid October we were able to go see Disney on Ice.
It wasn't Disney World, but it was as close as we were going to get this time of year!
October is wrestling season countdown, and this was our last huge family thing before season.
Have I mentioned I have a love/hate relationship with wrestling season?
But, I digress....
Disney on Ice.
It was marvelous.
The characters were all over the place.
They spent the show running through a list of holidays and celebrations through the year.
Halloween, birthdays, Christmas, un-birthdays, and the whole she-bang.
Hayes wasn't thrilled with the whole Halloween part.
The Villains were out in full force, and I do believe they scared him a bit.
That alone confirms that he is my child.
If he was watching Harry and the Hendersons or E.T. it would be from behind the chair in our living room.
Hayes was begging for some cotton candy.
We got some to share.
I would have gotten two, except they were $10 a POP!
I wondered if Jesus came with that cotton candy... goodness!
The best part of the vendors was listening to their sales pitch as they ran around the arena.
One of them promised a 'free wet nap with each purchase'.
I die.
True to form, wet nap at the bottom of each bag! 
Hayes wasn't impressed with the cotton candy.
Elizabeth just made a sticky mess with it.
I ate the rest.
Isn't that what moms do?
My girl loves the princesses.
She knows them all by name.
It was pure joy to watch her watch the show.
I cried watching them watch.
I love their sweet faces!
We got to watch Mickey and Minnie celebrate their love story too!
Wonder what their anniversary is like?!

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