Monday, November 4, 2013

Disney Withdrawl

I think it is officially time that I admit that I'm possibly obsessed with Disney World.
I am so ready to travel back to Orlando and spend a week soaking up all things Disney.
I am ready to watch my children grin and giggle when the see all the Disney.
I remember so well going there when I was a child.
I think it will become a regular rotation on our vacation schedule.
Tonight I was talking to Daryk about it...
We are planning a trip September 2014.
I want to take my mother in law and have her experience that with us.
I want to go now, but I'd rather pay for baby expenses and save for Disney later.

So, planning begins.
September 2014 or whenever they offer free dining close to that...
Mickey hats and magical characters are coming for the Cochran family.
After that, I'll begin hunting for the best way to make it affordable and purchase yearly passes.
Ramen noodles anyone?

I'm ready to see these kids with Mickey & Minnie!
We will start training Spencer Brynne as soon as she arrives for her Disney journey.

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