Thursday, June 5, 2014

New Kid on the Block

Something happened with this baby.  She turned my heart into mush.  I have never spent so much time just loving on a baby.  I feel like I need a few extra hours each day just to absorb this bundle of cuteness.  This post partum recovery has been the most challenging for me, but this baby girl is worth every minute!
Also, she's got lots of rolls.  And wrinkles... and creases... and I hate having to wash her hands.  She keeps them all clenched up like that and they trap all sorts of grossness.  Fuzz and hair and they stink.  Why is that?  The wrinkles in her feet also get dirty.  She's almost 2 months old.  How is that even possible?
We are about at the end of the 0-3 month clothing.  She has gotten so much longer in the last 2-3 weeks.  She also continues to pack on the lbs, so her clothes are getting a little bit snug.  She's not a huge fan of tummy time, bath time, or being cold and naked, makes for diaper changing challenges.  She loves to snuggle, nurse, and smile at her siblings.  She likes a blanket close to her face while she sleeps and she loves a paci!  She takes a bottle like a champ and nurses just fine also!  She is also super chatty for a tiny baby.  

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  1. It's officially official, you make the cutest babies. Hands down.