Friday, January 9, 2015

Five. A whole hand.

I can remember the day he was born like it was yesterday.  Which I find really odd, because I can barely remember yesterday, at all.  I have such a terrible memory, but I guess God gives us the power to remember days that change our lives.  January 3, 2010 was a game changer for me.  I'm not sure I was ready to be a momma, but I was sure ready not to be pregnant anymore.  I got a cuddly little guy with a big heart.  He was stubborn and did things in his own time.  His early arrival should have been an indication to me about his zeal for all things.  Literally, all the things.  He is most excited about, well... everything.  He doesn't have a bad attitude about much of anything.  He wakes up and frequently bounces off that bottom bunk bed.  He sprints to the toilet and back to his room to grab his handful of toys.  He approaches all things with a big grin and a happy face.  He loves his sisters and doesn't seem to mind that they annoy him or take his things.  He is love.
He gave me a real smile.
And when I showed up for his special day at school he gave me about 900 hugs and told me all about his classroom.  I was thrilled to go visit him in his puppy classroom, even if I did get in trouble for it.  This kid was worth it.  
His puppy friends were so excited to share their stories with me!  I loved watching him blow out his candle!  He was excited about that too, and he blew wax all over his table!

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