Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Any doubts...

She is my mini me.  She is sassy and stubborn and creative.  She holds her tongue just so when she does those creative things.  She hides behind the couch and eats her chocolate.  I never know until I find the wrappers when I'm cleaning.  She rarely stays in her bed until she's supposed to get up.  She is opinionated and bossy and I don't think any of the adjectives I use to describe her are negative.  She is awesome.  She picks her own clothing, shoes, and accessories.  She rarely chooses clothing that actually matches her accessories or shoes.  She has a really big personality inside that tiny body.  
She loves big.  
She reminds me every single day that she loves me best.  
I'll never be able to understand that or explain it to someone else.  

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