Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I don't even know that I'll ever be able to verbalize or write how this whole relationship functions.  They are almost one in the same.  Same love.  Same laugh.  Same silly attitude.  They love each other SOOOOOOOOOOOO big.  It is precious and overwhelming and so much fun.  Buddy was the first person in our family who got to see Miss SpenBrynne via photo right after she was born and I do believe it was the beginning of a beautiful love song.  They are hilarious together.  In person, via FaceTime, on the phone, via Snapchat... You name it and the silly spans miles.  If ever she needed anything, I have no doubt that her Boppy would be first in line to donate an organ, or dollars, or anything else she required.
Heck, he might just give up his right arm if she asked for it!
I love that they have so much fun together!
When was the last time you saw someone smile that big?
Please ignore SB's giant forehead bruise.  She had been stair diving.
Its fine.

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