Tuesday, January 5, 2016

She's 4.

I won this cake contest via Facebook in June.
I was SO pumped that I could get my girl an awesome cake.
It looked fantastic.
Tasted ok.
But wasn't functional at all for her party.
Never again...
I don't think she cared ONE bit.
She turned 4 in August.
She is my favorite 4 year old girl ever.
I love her independence, her stubborn streak, and her caring heart.
She has the best manners in the whole world.
She is literally, the MOST caring child I've ever met.
She never stops talking and she avoids bedtime like it is toxic.
Her favorite things include lipstick, lipgloss, fingernail polish, sparkly things, her skechers, pink stuff, purple stuff, pretty stuff, stickers, markers, and ketchup.

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