Wednesday, April 27, 2016

My new mom BFF

When I realized Hayes was starting kindergarten (much to my personal mom dismay) I began to pray for his peers.  I began to pray for their parents and asked God to bless me with a friend to share worry and joy with.  I began to ask God to send Hayes good friends with good homes and good parents.  I could not have ASKED God for a better set of FRIENDS for Hayes.  I could not have asked God for a better friend for myself either!  Hayes was blessed with two wonderful besties in kindergarten;  Lexi and Rex.  Their families are fantastic and the social life the three of them have at school is equally awesome!

I have enjoyed everything about getting to know Rex's mom and I really enjoyed spending time with her!  We have spent a few nights, days, weekends chatting and letting our boys play!  The connection with another mom has been great.  To share worry and doubt and success with each day and week has been wonderful!  I am SO grateful for the time we have had together and I have begun praying that Hayes will be able to share the next few years of school with the same wonderful peers!

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