Friday, April 29, 2016

Turkey Break

There were a couple of things worth celebrating over this break and a couple of things that were equally heartbreaking.  

This is my brilliant cousin Caleb and my gorgeous sister Kitty! We were celebrating Brandie's wedding to Devin.  It was a quaint wedding with a special set of guests.  I count it the highest honor that I get invited to weddings of my family and friends.  I LOVE weddings and I know that so many people have such a hard time deciding who to invite.  I know that people lose sleep and worry about hurt feelings and agonize over their guests.  I adore being among the chosen and actually getting those invitations!  I will do anything I can to attend them all!

And then there is this kid who apparently doesn't know that you can sleep in on breaks.  
Suns up so I'm up MOM!

I got to spend a few evenings sitting in the woods with my daddy.  Yes, I hunt deer.  Yes I wear makeup while doing so.  And of course I had in my pearl earrings.  What if I killed something?  I would need to look cute for pictures.  I am so grateful my daddy took time out of this week, which was possibly the worst of 2015 for him, to spend some time with me.  We didn't see the first deer to shoot, but it was good quality time together.

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