Saturday, January 9, 2010

We are home as of yesterday... which pretty much runs into every day before that because I have NO concept of time or day anymore. Coming off the holiday break already had me messed up and not going back to school at all has totally messed up my calendar system.

I had some serious contractions early New Years day (Friday) and I just felt weird. Walked and walked all day long.... inside and outside. Put the carseat in the car... did laundry.... etc. Busy day.

Saturday I woke up with the same issue and I rested some in the morning... walked some... went to the high school to watch wrestling (of course) and walked some at the school with Daryk. I was convinced that I was having Braxton Hicks since I was only 36 weeks (almost 37). Walking didn't help... sitting didn't help... they just kept coming. Sitting on the bleachers while people bounced up and down walking up and down is what did it. I'm convinced. :)

Sunday I woke up at 6:30 and I was pretty sure my water broke but I haven't ever done this before now so I called the dr and made my plans to head over to Northside. I made it a point to shave my legs before we left the house. How ridiculous. We had to stop for gas and I wanted to go to Walmart too. So we stopped for gas... hit the walmart where I went inside to potty and get some snacks. Daryk was very scared I was going to go into labor in the walmart. He kept saying "Do not have this baby in walmart. We are NOT having a walmart baby like that movie." The drive to the hospital is about an hour long. Daryk picked the bumpiest lanes on 285 to get there and I thought I was going to die. Finally made it to the hospital and got into a room around 9:30 am. Dr and midwife came into check to see if my water broke. I passed the 'floor test' which meant my water indeed was broken! YAY--baby.

Not dilated at all so we started a drip of fluid and pitocin to speed things up. Apparently Hayes was on Daryk's driving speed which is SLOW for those of you who don't know. He was taking his own sweet time which was fine by me. Around lunch time I was tired and ready for that kid to come already--tried to nap but that was not good. Dr wasn't happy that I hadn't dilated any and he was REALLY upset that no one had talked to me about the possibility of this being a BIG baby for 36 weeks. I knew he was going to be big or at least I assumed but nobody had addressed that with me medically....

About 5 we decided for a c section. Started the process of getting stuff rolling and the good drugs to come along soon. Epidural about 6 ish... baby at 6:30. After sitting in recovery forever I finally got to go up and see my kid. I had to wait for him to be moved from nursery one to nursery two and then finally to my room. Mind you that EVERYONE else (my entire family of 16 who was here at the time and Uncle Sean) has seen him. Everyone BUT me. I remember a glance while I was sedated... and I heard him cry... remember that part too. Finally got to see him and hold him about 10:30 Sunday night. Longest day of my life. Hospital was awesome. Staff there was great and we had a super pleasant experience. So glad to finally be home in my bed with my stuff too. I'm so glad he's out of my belly and at home with me. I could just sit and watch him for hours. Literally.

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  1. Such a sweet story! Congrats again! He is so precious. I think he looks like you!! :) Soak up every minute- he'll be five before you can blink!!!