Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Day in the Life...

My days are pretty routine once school is back in session.
I do not know how people who work faaaaar from home function.
I hate to drive in my car and I hate getting up early.
Those are the top two reasons why I work 3 miles from my home.
6-6:45 a.m. fight with alarm and try not to get up.
6:30-7 Hayes usually yells from his room for us to 'open his dooowah.'
7:00 I get Hayes milk and a pop tart to eat while he plays.
7-7:20 I get ready for school, make up, hair, etc.
7:20-7:30 I get Libby up and dressed for the day.
7:30-7:45 I load the kids up, drive to the designated grandparent for the day.
7:45-8 I drive to school.  Sometimes I get Chick fil A or Martins.
I like biscuits, ok?
8-4:00 I teach, plan, grade, laugh, eat, giggle, and shake my head a lot.

4-4:30 I drive to pick up the kids, sometimes get groceries and then head home.
Sometimes I have cheer practice.
Sometimes Daryk gets the kids and I go exercise.
Sometimes I go have Target Therapy.
Sometimes I take a nap or have club meetings after school.
4:30-6 I make/prepare dinner and we eat.  
We are old people and eat an early dinner.
Judge me.
6-7:30 I clean up dinner, play with children, referee boxing matches, chase children, etc.
7:30-8 We run a bath for the kids and Daryk bathes them. 
I pick out their clothes for the next day and load bags for transit.
I put my clothes out, their clothes out, and pack my lunch.
I load every single thing I possibly can into the car and get my coffee ready for the next day.
8-8:30 I bathe (most nights) and get myself ready for bed.
8:30-9 I go to bed and usually fall asleep by 9:30-10 p.m.

My 'days' vary from season to season depending on the sport season.
We have all sorts of things we do after school as sponsors and coaches, so nothing is the same!

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