Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Run or Dye

Just getting warmed up and checked in....
This is the part where you wait in line for the porta potties...

Hayes is so cooperative for photos.
He just loves them.
Pre race/pre color.

Again, with the cooperative child.
Isn't he so pleasant?

We found some color in the parking lot that we touched and threw at each other.
Libby LOVED it... Hayes still hates his life.

We do not like loud music.

We were blue after the first color and SMURF attack!
Once we started moving Hayes was MUCH nicer to deal with.
I really think they liked running through the city.

And we are all finished!
I meant to snap a picture after every color so we could see the progression, but I failed.
We ran most of the way taking turns with our stroller and having water as we went!
The kids LOVED it!

These two are just so sweet!

I finally got a smile-ish from Hayes!

We had so much fun running in Atlanta for the Run or Dye race.
I love these 'fun' races that aren't stressful or timed.
It was nice just to be able to have fun with my kids and husband!


  1. LOL @ the Hayes hates his life comment. We need to get together soon!!

  2. He does look like he hates his life in these pics. He's so cranky about pictures!