Monday, August 19, 2013

Baby turns 2.

I remember her birth in great detail.
I was so thankful to be alert and ready to spend time with her once she arrived.
Her sweet little face is stuck in my brain.
Should have known she would like to eat, she had 2 chins at birth.  

Mommy sleep is possibly the most important sleep in the world.

I don't remember this moment in time, but I'm sure glad it was captured via picture.
I feel like love just exudes from this picture.
I love those two with my whole mommy heart.

Something about this bond is so special and very important.
There are days when he tries to kill her, but I know he loves her.

See, love?
I can see his shiny cheek smiling from here.

Happy Birthday sweet baby girl.
I love you more than you will know.
Until you have your own princess... 
Then we can talk about it.

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