Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Libby's Party

Party day is hectic.
Thankfully our family is more than willing to contribute to the party and help!
Do you know that in my immediate family we have almost 40 people?
We are so blessed with all those folks!
Birthdays always start like this.
Heck, who am I kidding?
Every day with this kiddo starts like this.
Fight to death over the paci...

You can see she lost and isn't happy about it!

She quickly recovered though.
We resumed the usual activity of watching Tangled 900 times in a row.
We are on 876 this week.

Kitty & Daniel got us this amazing Minnie doll.
She's bigger than Libby and we love her.


She cuddled with her all day long!
She even slept with her a few days that week.

They had class together.
But Libby didn't share the cake with Minnie.

However, she did pee on Minnie the next day.
Papa Jack let her wear swim diaper.

Happy Birthday Libby James.
We love you to the moon and back a couple of times.
You keep us on our toes and always guessing.
I love your spunk and the sass you give us all.
I know that one day the sass and confidence you have will be helpful!

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  1. I know I am late, but Happy Birthday Libby J! :) She's so adorable!