Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Happiness=Hilton Head

Some more pictures from our adventure in Hilton Head.  I am so thankful to my parents for including us in this spontaneous vacation to this charming island.  We spent every day on the beach with limited interruptions.  Swimming in the ocean, followed by lunch on the beach, and then a nap, and finally more beach time.  Minus the giant mosquito bites we got between the house and the beach, it was a lovely time!  I had to leave the island one night to scrape up some Chick fil A for the kids and I.  I also got to sample their frosted lemonade drink and let me tell you that it was simply lovely!  
The pictures below chronicle the time of day that is my favorite at the beach.  I used to call it happy hour because we had adult beverages while we sat in chairs on the sand.  Now we don't sit down, but rather chase small children around.  We play in the tide pools and discover new things while we stroll along the beach splashing and laughing.  Children put a new spin on everything.  

Papa and his crew.

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