Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Late with Labor Day

I figured since we were about to celebrate Labor Day that I should load my 4th of July pics.  Just keeping it real time here people.  Real time with 3 little people under the age of 5.... means that the blog is about halfway down on the list of things that will get done never.  
Spencer spent part of the day sampling a delicacy of her fists.  Apparently they are delightful. 
Fun fact about that swim suit... its a 2t.  And we made it shorter than normal, but it still mostly fit her.

We got a surprise visit from my Uncle Gene who lives in Memphis TN!  He didn't tell anyone he was planning to stop by, he just showed up!  It was the best part of the day.  He walked into the kitchen at the lake house and my dad and my aunt spun around to see him standing there... Everyone cried.  It was awesome.  I hadn't seen him since PaPaw's funeral and I was thrilled that we were at the lake house to visit with him!  
Libby hamming it up and Hayes refusing the photo. 
We enjoyed the fireworks, but the ride back to the house on the lake was super scary. 
6500 boats+idiots who can't drive+dark=scary.

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