Monday, August 11, 2014

Swimming and Splash Pads

The next 2 weeks will be 'catch up on the blog because I spent summer WITH my children instead of ON the computer....

June:  Hayes started swim lessons/team.  Hayes started the summer timid and shy, terrified of the water.  He refused to jump off the boat, dock, and the side of the pool.  He completed his summer confident, fearless and most importantly... a SWIMMER!  He now loves the water as long as he has his goggles on.  We are still letting him swim some with his puddle jumper because we don't want to watch him like a hawk and the pool is often crowded.  Kingfish Swim Lessons were successful!  

We also traveled to Chattanooga in June for Daryk's cousin's wedding.  In Chattanooga we got to enjoy some family time and my kids got to play with some of their cousins!  I was honored to meet Uncle Bud, who my Spencer is named after.  He was such a kind and gentle man.  I so enjoyed that weekend.  The time with Daryk's family is so much fun.  I love visiting with his aunts, uncles, and cousins.  My children loved spending time with their cousins as well.  We swam, ate, and visited until bedtime.  Sunday morning we spent some time with the family again and then ventured into Chattanooga for a few hours.  

The splash pad and the cupcake shop were on the agenda.  We also had a lovely lunch!  

I felt like a terrible mother because I FORGOT to pack sunscreen and put it on them for the splash pad playtime.  They were a little bit pink for a few days and I learned my lesson!

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