Friday, August 15, 2014

Seriously Special People

These are two of my favorite Elizabeths....

Meet Jordan Elizabeth and Elizabeth James...
We had a beach adventure to Hilton Head this summer and Jordan was able to meet us and spend the night with us before we came back home.  She goes to school in Savannah and that's not too far from HH, so we got a combo beach trip and special visit.  Jordan is very special to our family because she's our favorite  babysitter... possibly because she was our first babysitter.  She has been around as a part of  our lives since before we even had Hayes and she continues to be a part of our family.  Jordan is someone who I can count on to be consistently part of our lives.  She loves my children as though they are her siblings and she cares for them just like we do.  Watching Jordan and my kids brings me SUCH joy because they truly love her and they love playing with her.  

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