Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bikes and sleepover.

Forgive me...

I've done a picture purge on my phone, which means I'm documenting the millions of photos that I should have shared about 5 months ago.  

Like this...

Sean got a 'new to him bike' and drove it from Vidalia to D'ville.
He wrecked it less than 4 miles from our house.
Drove for 3 hours before he put it down.
After that, I picked Kendall up from the hospital and let Bethany give Sean the stink eye...
Poor Sean.  Except, not really.

Kendall apparently doesn't ever fall asleep.

Everyone was shocked when she managed to pass out with Libby in her bunk bed without any assistance from any adults.  She sure did!  Granted, she took a bit longer than the Cochrans, but she made it asleep and I documented it for proof.  She's a sweet girl.  We were honored to have her and so grateful that Sean was okay.

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