Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Take 2... Take 57.... #willshouldnotbeinchargeofthecameraever

I was blessed with two baby sisters.
God saw fit to give me a few more soliders in my sibling army, but these girls are the originals.
Bless them.
They have been my little sisters for 30 and 26 years.
I wouldn't want to do life along with ANYONE else.
Both of them happened to marry really fantastic guys.
Occasionally we get to enjoy time together!
This dinner was a FIRST for all of us and it was awesome!
I so enjoy spending time with the guys and the girls too!
The conversation was interesting and the laughter never stopped.
After dinner we ventured off to dessert....
And we asked Sir William Pitts to come take our photo.
There were about 90 pictures that looked like this one below... before we got to the ONE shot that looked acceptable.

Just one shot.

most of them look like this...

Man, I love these people.

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