Thursday, August 6, 2015

Hayesface goes to Kindergarten

I only cried a little bit.

I only cried a little bit about 5 times during the day.

He was anxious and excited for his first day of Kindergarten.  He couldn't get out of his carseat fast enough.  He was SO excited to be a Winston Wildcat and be a part of a BIG school.  He is the best example of an eager learner and the best 'first day of school' kid ever.  He jumped out of the van and I had to remind him not to run across the parking lot.  He was thrilled to walk into the building and embrace his new journey.  
Thumbs up in the car before we left the house.
Me:  Hayes, what is your bus number?
Hayes:  315.

Being the good seatbelt mom, I fixed his strap after the photo.  I'm aware that it was not correct and not safe for travel.  Thanks for your concern about my kiddo... but I promise, I worry more about him than you do.  Ever. 

Me:  Hayes, what is your bus number?
Hayes:  315.

5 minutes later...

Me:  Hayes, what is your bus number?
Hayes:  315.

10 minutes later...

Me:  Hayes, what is your bus number?
Hayes:  Mommy, we have talked about this 3 times already.  Don't ask me again.
Me:  Okay, well... what is your bus number just in case I forget?
Hayes:  Mommy.  315.

So... we were on time for school and I was THRILLED at that.  Time management:  not my strongest suit.  Working on that.  I made him go back up there in the evening after dinner and take photos with this sign.  I wanted to document it and make sure we had no rush and no photo bombers.  Also, I didn't cry any after school.

Hayes managed to drink his drink, eat apples, and socialize at lunch.  He inhaled his snack after school.  I packed a sandwich, chips, and apples for lunch.  Kid is going to have to eat more than that!  Right?!

I think I'll take a photo with the school sign each year so we can document start to finish!

All smiles.  Day 1, done.  179 to go!

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