Monday, August 17, 2015

Graduation Tears

Every single year, it never fails that a piece of my heart walks out of the school building on the last day of the school year.  Some years there are more pieces than others, but there is always at least ONE.  This past spring these ladies walked through our halls for the last time as a student and they crossed a stage to receive a diploma.  The tears I cried that day were immeasurable and they pride I felt was just as grand.  I am so excited to see where the journey beyond AHS takes these young ladies.  They are genuine women of integrity and I cannot wait to see what their lives hold. 

This year was unique for me as a teacher.  I had the privilege of watching my brother in law's younger brothers graduate from AHS.  My brother in law is a Marine and I'm very proud of him for choosing to do that.  There is a point in the graduation ceremony where our administrators have all graduates who are joining the military stand to be recognized.  As a mother, sister, friend, teacher, and general human being I sobbed at that moment in time.  The pride and fear and overwhelming sense of amazement at those men and women was indescribable.  I was so grateful that these young people were capable and willing to make a decision to join a noble force in our world. 
What an honor to have known and taught SO MANY SOLIDERS!

My Britt--starting at LSU this fall.

My Bailie--starting at JSU this fall.

My Jamie--starting at school in Ga this fall.

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