Monday, November 30, 2009

Crunchy Pancakes

I love crunchy pancakes at the cracker barrel. I seriously think they are my favorite food group in the whole world. I am so lucky that my husband doesn't mind going with me several times a month to get my crunchy pancake fix! Since I've grown larger in the last 2 months I get some good stares at the crack house when I go in to eat. You know you are on display anytime you get seated there because EVERYONE looks at you. This Sunday we ate there on our way home from Vidalia and I had to giggle at this little girl who was pointing and asking her mommy about my belly. :) So funny. I love the questions people ask and the funny things that people say. Yes--I'm pregnant. I'm due January 25th. Nope... not twins. Just one--I hope! Its a boy and yes he's BIG. I'm praying he comes earlier than his due date--but not TOO early! Here are the latest belly pics so you can get some idea of what this belly looks like! 32 weeks and counting down to the due date.

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  1. LOVE your belly- so, so sweet! It really makes me sad that I'll never have one again! You should do one those belly cast things since you have an 'in house' artist.....