Monday, November 2, 2009

The Man Party

Daryk had a Diaper Shower Saturday for the GA/FLA game. We are so blessed with people who LOVE us! Our family and friends both were so generous. Almost 900 diapers and wipes of various sizes were added to our baby collection! Our friend Josh had the best advice--he walks in and says "Nobody told me diapers were $30 a box. I'm never having kids." Hilarious.

We had a great time and visited with some great people. Lots of wrestling coaches and some of our coaches from school as well. I know that the food was good and we loved being around MawMaw and PawPaw--Dad and Sheila. Even Papa Jack came. I only took a picture of the stack of diapers?? I must have been distracted by the food--I know it wasn't the game!

We (and by WE I mean ME) are planning to work in the nursery this weekend. I'm patching holes in the wall and going to touch up the paint. Don't worry--the room will be well ventilated and I'll be sure to take plenty of breaks. Hayes has a crib and a rocker on the way. As soon as those things get here we will begin to set up his room!

Happy LATE Birthday to Pop, Haley, Aunt Patsy AND Happy Birthday this week to Grandma Ouida!

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