Monday, November 9, 2009

Nursery Puzzle

We started working in the nursery this weekend. Furniture from the basement--beautiful oak pieces that look great in the room. A new crib and glider courtesy of the mom in law. :) I'll post some pictures soon. I put all his clothes up in the drawers and we are working on the closet cleanout so we can put his stuff in there as well. I never knew babies came with so much stuff! His room is going to be so much fun once it is all done. I assembled the crib with little help (because I wanted it done and because I'm stubborn) and did a pretty good job! Hayes has a little jungle full of animals in his room to welcome him. The mural will be ready in a few weeks! I can't wait to have it all ready for him when he gets here.

He has plenty of clothes to fill his closet and drawers. I'm also obsessed with shoes so he's got pleny of those as well! We are so blessed with family and friends who care. I can't wait to see what we will get this weekend at the shower!

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  1. Sissy, I am so very excited for you and Daryk. I can't wait for Hayes to make his arrival. You are both going to be such wonderful parents.