Monday, November 23, 2009

His Room

We have been slowly but surely working in that room I call a nursery. Why do we call it that anyway!? It is my baby's room.
We--well... really I had decided long ago that Noah's Ark would be my baby room decor. I am so blessed to have married an art teacher who has this kind of stuff down to a science. We started with a drawing and added the paint today! I am so proud of the 'work in progress.' I had some help from Daryk drawing it and from McKenzie who helped me paint today. I was insistent on the animals being REAL colors and not silly colors. I spent time researching each animal to get an idea of their coloring and markings so we could paint them and make them look like (well TRY to look like) they do in real life. We have a gazelle, an antelope, a panda bear, giraffes, a lion, an elephant and hippo, a monkey, some fish, and a few birds. All of them are as real as possible.

His furniture is from my collection of antiques (minus the crib--it is new).... a wash stand by the window. Chest of drawers that's full of clothing already! The dresser will double as my 'changing table' and I'm really excited about the rocking chair/glider. Love it! I hope to spend hours in that chair rocking and reading to my little man. He has quite a supply of books already thanks to BeBe and Aunt Patsy.

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  1. So, so cute! How lucky are you to have a husband who paints?!