Friday, June 15, 2012

Doctor, doctor...

Hayes has been sick.
That picture ^ was after a shot at the doctor and before the blood work.
Like, the most sick kid ever.
He got pnemonia and got well.
He got pink eye and got well.
He got an ear infection... and still hasn't gotten well.
We have been to see the doctor more in the last 2 weeks than we have ever in his life.
He has had 3 different antibiotics, 2 shots, and ONE round of bloodwork.
I could not be more proud of him for being such a trooper.
I had no idea being a momma meant that I was going to have to strap my kid down for medical treatments and procedures.
Our final diagnosis this week is an adenovirus.
You can read more about it here.
Basically, he has pink eye symptoms, but no REAL pink eye.
He has all the symptoms of a sinus infection/runny nose.
But no infection.
He has serious digestive and poop issues, which is SUPER fun when potty training.
And he has had a fever for the past week.
There have been plenty of times these last two weeks I've wanted MY momma.
I am so grateful that she's been here to help me and take care of my babies.
I love my momma! 
And I love this boy!
**I should mention that husband has WANTED to help...
but he had surgery and has been out of commission this week!**

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