Thursday, June 21, 2012

Twilight Zone

I was beginning to get a bit ill with the husband earlier this week.  
I noticed while I was gone, never on my watch... never, that all of Elizabeth's pacifiers went missing.  

Where were they going?  
Why didn't he know where they were?  
Doesn't he know I'm cheap and I don't want to buy $8.00 pacifiers every 2-3 weeks because we can't keep up with them at our house!?

What is happening to the things?

So, one morning I noticed that Hayes was having a come apart because his 'baanket' was stuck in the diaper disposal contraption.... I had an epiphany.  
I concluded that the missing pacifiers were in there.  
Upon further investigation, not only did I find the missing pacifiers, but some other miscellaneous toys as well.  
Apparently Hayes was fascinated with the disappearing act.  
I located a half dozen trains, several of Elizabeth's other toys, and some of her CLOTHES as well!  
I just had to laugh.  
I can't get mad at the kid... he's mine.

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