Monday, June 11, 2012

Sick Boy

Big boy has an ear infection.
It just breaks my heart when he's sick.
He says, 'Momma, I want youuuuuuu.'
Melt.  My.  Heart.
We had a quick visit to see Dr. Nguyen this afternoon.
Hayes is fascinated with the doctor's office.
He loves the tools and having them listen to his belly/chest.
Today after his shot he may not like the doctor's office anymore.
Seriously... those are the WORST. THING. EVER.
Bless him.
He crashed in the car with his 'baankettt.'

After we returned home he wanted to watch the Lion King.
I complied with the wishes of the sickly boy.
He also wanted milt his baaankettt.
He looks pretty cozy with his accessories.
Did I mention this is MY bed?
Sneaky little booger.

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