Friday, June 29, 2012

We went to the Zoo in June. It was busy.

 Waiting patiently for the line to go away so we can get into the Zoo.

The orangutan family snoozing in their hammock.
The red panda bear, who is alarmingly tiny compared to a typical panda bear.
Exiting the Zoo. 
I went DOWN the hill with the double stroller towards the zoo,
and then UP the hill wasn't NEARLY as much fun.
I'm sure my calorie burn was good though.
I pushed a 30 lbs stroller with 60 lbs of kid in it!

 Watching the gorillas play.
 Chatting with the gorillas.
 Over across the way at Meerkat Manor.
Or Timon's house as he said...
 He loved them all and found a NEW love for The Lion King after this trip.
I could have watched the gorillas walk around all day long.
They reminded me so much of Libby James and her crawling...
 A beautiful male Silverback gorilla.
 The giraffe family.
I would sufficiently say that Hayes enjoyed his trip to the zoo.

Hayes has asked EVERY SINGLE TIME we have gotten in the car since this zoo trip if we were going back to see the eeee mals at the zoo. 
I'm so ready to take the trip again. 
Maybe in the fall when the weather in Ga calms down again. 
The 100+ temps are NOT zoo friendly! 
I'm hoping we can go visit Yellow River Game Ranch sometime soon!

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