Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy 39 Daddy!

Happy 39th Birthday Daryk!  
He was a trooper on Saturday.
It was his birthday and we had a family reunion.  
My family.
A bunch of people in Alabama that he doesn't know.
We went to Weogufka and had family fun.
Hayes played with Carson and threw rocks in the lake.
Elizabeth was a HUGE hit with all the ladies.
On the way home I begged to stop and shop for antiques.
I didn't find anything that thrilled me, but I noticed some vintage lunch boxes.
There were TONS of really cool ones!
Mickey Mouse, Muppet Babies, Pete's Dragon, KISS, HeMan, etc...
I saw an Avengers box and immediately knew I wanted to get it for Daryk!
He was sitting in the car with sleeping beauty...
I went to get them so he could see it too!
As soon as he spotted the shelf, he noticed the Transformer box.
I swear, he has a 6th sense for that crap!  Its nuts!
He was so excited for that box.
Since I hadn't gotten his birthday gift yet, this was his present.
He is SO hard to buy gifts for.  Almost impossible.

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