Sunday, September 2, 2012

Picky Eater vs Godzilla

This was his before 'cheesin' face.
He didn't realize I was serious about his pizza sandwich.
AKA:  Spaghetti sauce between the pieces of yummy cheese bread.
It was a battle.
I'm proud to say that we won.

Who eats their sandwich with a fork?
My kid.
My OCD kid who doesn't like for his hands to get yucky.
At all.
He wasn't a HUGE fan, actually I think he hated it. 
But he ate a good bit of it.
I think this will be my route with all new things.
Trying it out via sandwich.
What else can we have on a sandwich?
Pizza, veggies, meat, mexican food...
Any ideas for any other sandwiches we could make him eat?
I mean, try....
And this one, well she doesn't miss anything.
A nap.
A meal.
A snack.
Baby girl would/could eat her weight in just about anything.
She doesn't like eggs or brussell sprouts.
But that's about it...

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