Friday, September 21, 2012

Krispy Kreme

Powdered donuts.
I stopped at KK on my way home from the FCCLA trip and decided my babies should have some too
Of course I had some of the glorious glazed goodies leftover, but they needed special donuts.
So they both got a powdered donut for breakfast that morning.
And they also got to sport their KK hats a the breakfast table/highchairs that morning.
I think its safe to assume that they both enjoyed the donuts AND the hats.
Please don't think that Hayes actually NEEDS a bandaid on his forehead.
I believe we have created a bit of a Bandaid Monster.
Between us and his Aunt Tira and the constant use of Bandaids, he thinks he ALWAYS needs one.
On his forehead, on his butt, on his eyes, on his nose, on his toes...
Literally, every single day.
We have recently discovered that stickers work just as well.
And they are cheaper.

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