Thursday, September 20, 2012


Missed two days of school to take these lovely ladies on a school field trip.
We went to the FCCLA Center in Covington.
We were supposed to spend the night, but had some paperwork issues at the county level and weren't able to.
So we compromised and had Krispy Kreme instead.

I also got to drive a GIANT SUV to and from Covington because my tiny road turtle won't hold that many folks.
The ladies informed me that the Tahoe I drove is called the 'Rolling Hoe'.
When we pulled into KK we were delighted to see the HOTFRESHNOW sign lit up.
Nothing says fat and happy like that sign.

Oh!  And it is the 75th KK birthday celebration.
That makes it so the calories don't count right?
Cause I totally ate 2.  Well, 3.  Ok, fine.  5.

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