Monday, September 24, 2012

Artwork: driveway edition

We had to get one last nekkid driveway day in before it got too cold.  
I'm quite certain that my neighbors probably think we are serious white trash.
My kids (and me too for that matter) come home from daily location (school for them, work for me) and immediately get naked.  
I know that being naked might offend folks at my age, so I put on comfy clothes.
AKA:  ELASTIC and a tshirt.
Hayes and Elizabeth are still cute naked, so they just roll with that.
I love that EJ still has an 'E' on her diaper.
We have to label the diapers we send to school because they have to change so many!
Sidewalk chalk was well worth the Target $1.00 spot shopping trip.
I can't wait to have this one framed at home.
I know there will come a day when they will not WANT to be close together, much less touch each other.
I love them being close and having fun with them.

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