Friday, October 26, 2012

Playdate at the Park

Friday night these two love bugs had a play date in the park with their Daddy. 
They picked a GREAT day for a play date!
It was the last warm day we had. 
Saturday morning it became VERY chilly and windy thanks to Hurricane Sandy.
The kiddos appeared to have enjoyed themselves and their time with Daddy.
I know I was sad to miss it, especially after seeing their pictures!
But I was stocking up on girly time with my sisters.... and I got my hair did!
Love me some Layla and some sissy time. 
We are rapidly approaching wrestling season and we lose a lot of Daddy time for that!
I like to call it my 'wrestling season widow' time.
Four whole months without Daddy for about 6 days a week.
He gets home just in time to give them a bath and then put them to bed.
If I'm lucky (and not starving) he gets home early enough to eat dinner with me.
Sometimes I wait for him to eat dinner after the kids go to bed....
But its just me and the kids most of the time.
I'm so proud of my husband and the time he devotes to those boys, but we sure do miss him!

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