Sunday, October 7, 2012

The big red firetruck

Yesterday as we were leaving Walker Britt's 3rd birthday party we spotted a fire truck.
I was getting hot as the weather was warming up and starting to sweat just a BIT...
I was more than ready to go, as I had to leave the park and then go judge a cheer comp...
But I noticed that Hayes was jumping for joy and sprinting across the field to the truck on his toes.
I knew my desire to leave early was trumped by eager smiles from Hayes.
We were just going to take a lap around the truck and check out all the cool stuff outside the truck, but we happened to be passing just as the crew was loading up and we got the royal treatment!
He inspected the outside gadgets and got to sit inside the truck!

This huge grin would have been worth being late or missing that comp all together!
He was SO excited to see their hats and boots.
He counted all the seats inside the truck and turned that steering wheel like he knew what he was doing!

Climbing in the back seat.
He counted all the seats inside.  
Six seats inside.
He counted the hats and the boots as well.
He also was convinced that the GPS was a TV.
Bit of explaining that one, but he finally got it.

The crew was kind enough to offer to take a picture of BOTH of us.
I should have chosen a better angle.
Oh well.

But this kid.
This grin.
Melts my heart every time.
He is amazing!

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